Sunday, January 22, 2012

Why I should not be allowed to buy Kindle books when I have insomnia

I have a confession to make. I was a full time IT (technical support, software development, web design, etc) person for 12 years. And I can barely run my Kindle. Maybe it's the black and white interface (which is so good for my poor eyes) or maybe it's the fact that there is no mouse. But I just have a hard time with the non-intuitive organization. I just learned how to put books into collections. Of course I never actually investigated how to organize my Kindle until recently. And I almost never turn on the wireless- only if I buy something and instantly go get my Kindle.

So the night before last, I bought a regency novel- non-austenesque- and ran in to grab my Kindle so I could download it instantly and go read it since it was bedtime. Lo and behold, it downloaded many books that I had apparently purchased during a fit of insomnia, who knows when. It was sort of like Christmas, though, because two Austenesque novels appeared- one by Mary Lydon Simonsen- "A Wife For Mr. Darcy", and one by P.O. Dixon- "To Have His Cake and Eat it Too."

I started right in reading "A Wife For Mr. Darcy" because Mary Simonsen recently started following my blog (*waves* Hi Mary!) and I stayed up half the night reading it. I love a book that really draws me in and keeps me reading. There are dozens of half (or quarter)-read books on my Kindle that just don't grab me.

I wish there was some sort of comprehensive list of all Austenesque literature where one could go and check off what one has read. It would automatically scan Amazon and other sources to dynamically update the list so one would know when another book has been released in that genre. It would list every book cover version (I bought two of the same book once because one had been self-published and then was taken on by a publishing house and released with a different cover) and it would list the description and then on could check it off when purchased. Hmmm. I wonder if any of my software design buddies would want to take that on... ;)

Either way, I don't *really* think I shouldn't be allowed to buy Kindle books when I have insomnia. But I think from now on I'll make sure I download them right away.

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