Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jane Austen Social Media Game Announced

The BBC is apparently making a game for Facebook.
"The game takes Pride and Prejudice as its starting point, following the newly married Elizabeth and Mr Darcy on a hidden object adventure. The pair have escaped from the pages of Pride and Prejudice and it's the player's job to find them and convince them back into the book. Along the way you meet all of Austen's favourite characters while solving hidden object scenes, decorating your manor house, dressing up in Regency era garb and courting..."
I already decorate my virtual manor house and dress in virtual Regency garb:

However, I am sure I will soon be harassing my friends with JA Game requests on Facebook just like the most dedicated Farmvillian. Read more about the BBC game here. I just found out that Kimberly Denny-Ryder of Reflections of a Book Addict and The Austen Games is a writer on the project! Way to go Kimberly! How exciting!

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